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Simply Exotic Possibilities
Effective graphic representation is essential to the success of every business. The best graphic representation is the result of a professional's talent and training.Paradise Graphics is a complete Graphic Design and Typesetting studio owned and operated by accredited Graphic Designer, Debra Mixon. The Possibilities are Simply Exotic with Paradise Graphics . . .
  • Logo Design
  • Newsletters
  • Web Page Design
  • Web Page Hosting
  • Brochures
  • Illustration
  • On-site, Fill-in Production
  • Resumes
  • Typesetting
  • Consulting & Training
  • Proposals
  • Trademark Registration
  • Business Stationery

  • Logo Design
    A logo will enhance your business by communicating even a complex idea simply and effectively. Often times you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression. The simpler the better. Your logo will become a marketing tool every time it is seen. A well-designed logo will make your product or business instantly recognizable anywhere in the world—even in countries where customers speak a different language. Click here for more information or if you would like to see a sample.

    As editor, it's a wise decision to entrust your newsletter to an accredited graphic designer. Graphic designers are trained to arrange text and graphic elements in a way that allow the eyes to naturally follow a carefully determined path to communicate ideas at a glance. As an extension of your organization, your newsletter must have a consistent, professional look and it must arrive on schedule. This will not only win your readers confidence, but minimize the cost. Click here for more information

    Web Page Design
    The best way to get a professionally designed Web page is to go to an accredited graphic designer who is experienced in HTML programming. A responsible designer will have a portfolio showing examples of work done for other clients. Paradise Graphics will design your Web page to be compatible with search engines, quick to load, easy to use and look great. Click here for more information

    Web Page Hosting
    Place your Web Page on a OC3 Virtual Server (155 megs per second) for as low as $400 per year. Paradise Graphics will arrange the details, and show you how to access your pages easily.

    From a simple black and white to a dazzling full-color brochure, present your business effectively. A professionally designed brochure will entice the consumer to read beyond the cover, directing them to the most important aspects of your business.

    Add a touch of class to a project with an illustration created specifically for your business. When photographs just aren't right, convert them to illustrations! Click here to see a sample.

    Make a spectacular presentation with color graphics. Give your proposal the edge with the impact of color in just the right places. Stand out from the competition with a proposal that's organized, informative and visually stimulating.

    Impress that busy executive with a clear, concise resume that quickly targets your skills and attributes. Convey your organizational skills through the appearance of your resume.

    Combine fast, accurate typesetting with the skill of typography and you'll get effective, easy to read pages. Put emphasis on important words with the right combination of type styles and fonts. Page composition is used to the advantage to get your point across quickly. Get more out of your pages with professional typesetting.

    Consulting & Training
    Paradise Graphics offers consulting on any Visual Media. Experienced, professional advice can make the difference between a successful project or a disaster. Whether it's printing, signage, television or the Internet, protect your project from costly mistakes.

    Gain the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to keep your company on the cutting edge. Get training from an accredited expert in the field of graphic design, web page design, HTML programming, color theory, typography, visual media or desktop publishing. Learn specific computer graphics programs like CorelDraw, Hot Dog Pro and Adobe PageMaker, or traditional and electronic techniques for preparing your company media.

    Trademark Registration
    Protect your corporate identity from unauthorized use by registering it with the state or US Trademark offices. Paradise Graphics helps you protect your company's image.

    On-site, Fill-in Production
    Need experienced personnel to fill-in or supplement your pre-press staff? Paradise Graphics offers on-site fill-in Printing or Advertising Production. Don't miss a deadline because one of your team members was unable to work.Call Paradise Graphics and never miss a beat!

    Business Stationery
    The most important, yet often overlooked extension of your business—your card. An impression is made within the first 4 minutes of a meeting. Make a lasting impression with a business card they can't take their eyes off. Emphasize that impression with matching letterhead and envelopes when you correspond. Give your company a boost with great looking business stationery. Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes custom designed with your existing company logo or a professionally designed Corporate Identity.

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