What is the Internet?
The Internet is the largest computer network in the world. It was developed in the 1960ís by the United States military to enhance strategic communication, and forestall nuclear attack. Then called ARPANET, the Internet was highly decentralized. Even today, no central authority controls it. More than half of the new networks coming onto the Internet are businesses. The Internetís phenomenal growth is just the beginning of what experts are saying is the most important business tool ever invented.

The Electronic Marketplace
The Internet promises astounding new marketing opportunities and sales channels, as well as improved lines of communication with consumers. Additionally, it can provide tightly targeted economical market-nitch demographics and other valuable statistical data. Both small and big businesses are showing their wares and sharing information on the Internet. The marketplace of the future is fast becoming a combination of traditional and electronic marketing, and is reaching more people at a lower cost.

Get Connected
Gain instant access to unlimited information, periodicals and software. Talk with top professionals. Market to millions of people. Communicate with your vendors, customers, and colleagues at bargain- basement prices through world wide E-mail. All you need is a computer, a modem, a phone line, an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and a little imagination. Once you get connected to the Internet you will quickly see the potential of this extraordinary communication and marketing tool for your business..

What is a Web Page?
A Web page is a business tool that will improve your marketing plan. It is much like the Yellow Pages, in that once you have a phone number, you need to advertise it. On the Internet, you have two separate addresses: An E-mail address where you receive mail, and an Internet address which is the location of your Web page. Your Web page is an electronic brochure describing who you are and what you do. And it is available to millions of potential customers!

What goes on a Web Page?
An effective Web page includes all of the usual information you might include in a brochure. The difference is how you arrange it and how it flows from subject to subject. One of the most important features of a Web page is how quickly it loads. If your Web page is slow to load, the customer may get frustrated and move on to your competitorís page. Another important feature is how easy it is to navigate your Web page. Whether you are receiving E-mail, taking an order or showing off your services, customers are looking for enough information to answer their questions without getting lost or confused in your Web page.The inexhaustible information resources on the Internet make it necessary to use a search engine to find what your looking for. With the screen limitations of computers it is important to have your Web page show up near the top of a search engine result list.

Where do I get a Web Page Designed?
The best way to get a professionally designed Web page is to go to an accredited graphic designer who is experienced in HTML programming. A responsible designer will have a portfolio showing examples of work done for other clients. Paradise Graphics will design your Web page to show up at or near the top of the list, be quick to load, easy to use and look great.

The Paradise Graphics Difference
Effective graphic representation is essential to the success of every business. The best graphic representation is the result of a professionalís talent and training. At Paradise Graphics you work with a seasoned professional who has the success of your business in mind.

Paradise Graphics is a complete Graphic Design and Typesetting studio owned and operated by accredited Graphic Designer, Debra Mixon. A native of the Tri-Cities, Debra has been working in the design field since 1982, specializing in logo design, Web page design, illustration, printing and advertising production. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of pre-press and electronic file preparation.

The Consultation
In the initial consultation your designer will ask you about the history of your company, who your customers are, and what image you want your company to project. Graphics, color, typestyle, and layout are all considered by your designer to bring that image to life. You will see examples of Web pages and be able to choose the elements you want on your Web page. This will enable Paradise Graphics to design a Web page that will appeal to your personality as well as project a winning impression.

The Strategic Plan
The strategic plan is a preliminary sketch of your Web page prepared in outline form. After review of the pertinent information, Paradise Graphics will develop your Web page. Upon your final approval, an HTML document will be created.

The Comprehensive
Selecting the color combination to compliment your company is an integral part of your image. A color proof or comprehensive will be developed by Paradise Graphics to help you visualize your color options. The purpose of the comp is to show you what the finished product will look like.

The Demonstration
You will be able to see and interact with your new design before it is hosted. We will prepare an electronic disk of your Web page for your files. Then, if you wish, Paradise Graphics will arrange the Web page hosting details for you.

Hosting Your Web Page
Once you have created a Web page, you need a place to park it. Go to a Virtual Server Administrator (VSA) who will host your Web page. The price may depend on file size, updates and marketing services provided by the VSA. When you place your Web page, you must let your customers know itís location. You should register your Internet address with all available search engines and Internet Yellow Pages. You will also want to include your E-mail and Internet addresses with all your companyís advertising.

Allow your designer about 4 weeks to properly plan and develop your Web Page.

Web Page design can be as simple or as intricate as you want them to be. You can also participate as much as you choose. You can provide text and graphics or Paradise Graphics will prepare them for you. Contact Paradise Graphics for an obligation free quote and consultation.

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