What's in a Logo?
A logo is an image representing a product or company. It usually consists of a combination of type and graphics. A logo creates a subconscious impression in the mind of your customer. When consumers see your logo you want it to project an image that represents your company.

A logo will enhance your business by communicating even a complex idea simply and effectively. Often times you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression. The simpler the better. Your logo will become a marketing tool every time it is seen. A well-designed logo will make your product or business instantly recognizable anywhere in the world—even in countries where customers speak a different language.

Where do I get a logo designed?
The best way to get a professionally designed logo is to go to an accredited graphic designer. A responsible designer will have a portfolio showing examples of work done for other clients. You should take great care in selecting your designer. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the designer's qualifications, experience and techniques.

The Paradise Graphics Difference
Effective graphic representation is essential to the success of every business. The best graphic representation is the result of a professional's talent and training. At Paradise Graphics you work with a seasoned professional who has the success of your business in mind.

Paradise Graphics is a complete Graphic Design and Typesetting studio owned and operated by accredited Graphic Designer, Debra Mixon. A native of the Tri-Cities, Debra has been working in the design field since 1982, specializing in logo design, web page design, illustration, printing and advertising production. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of pre-press and electronic file preparation.

"I work a little differently than most designers. My client and I sit down for a one-on-one consultation to target company needs, and show how visual media can enhance the success of the business. I provide a service to my clients that takes them from conception to completion of the camera ready mechanical. I offer an endless supply of creative and effective information presentation to help my clients project an image that makes their company successful. Although my designs encompass a wide range of applications, I specialize in Logo Design (Corporate Identities and Symbols), Web Page Design, Newsletters, Illustration, Brochures, Proposals, and Business Stationery."

The Consultation
In the initial consultation your designer will ask you about the history of your company, who your customers are, and what image you want your company to project. Paper, ink, color, typestyle, layout and format are all considered by your designer to bring that image to life. You will see examples of existing logos and be asked to voice your reactions to their shape, color and meaning. This will enable Paradise Graphics to design a logo that will appeal to your personality as well as project a winning impression.

The Rough
The rough layout is a preliminary sketch designed to convey the basic idea of a logo. After review of the pertinent information, Paradise Graphics will sketch several different logo possibilities. From these, you may select one or more of the ideas and Paradise Graphics will develop a few versions of each choice. Upon your final approval, a black and white original of your logo will be created.

The Comprehensive
Selecting the color combination to represent your company is an integral part of your image. A color sketch or comprehensive will be developed by Paradise Graphics to help you visualize your color options. The purpose of the comp is to show you what the finished product will look like.

The Finale'
We will prepare a copy of your logo, complete with color specifications, for your files. Paradise Graphics will retain the original. If you are having other layouts developed at this time, we will also create camera ready mechanicals for them. Then, if you wish, Paradise Graphics will arrange the printing details for you.

You will want to consider protecting your new logo from unauthorized use. Paradise Graphics offers a consultation service for the preparation of the proper trademark registration forms. You can register your logo within Washington State or on a national level. Ask your designer for current requirements and fees.

Allow your designer about 6 weeks to properly research and develop your company logo. A little time invested up front can save a lot of money and frustration down the line.

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